Directors (updated on April 9, 2019)

  • Ayesha Ahmad (Youth Director)
  • Linda Casson (Vice-President)
  • Bill Polonsky (Secretary & treasurer)
  • Lynn Sparks (President)
  • Yuuri Daiku (Director)
  • Eileen Melnychuk (Director)


  • Bruno Bourdache (Executive Director)
  • Shyloh van Delft (Youth Engagement Leader)

By Laws 2020

VBY depends on volunteers. Around 25 volunteers per year help VBY directly (board members, volunteer trainers, office manager volunteer, volunteer bookkeeper, consultants, NGOtf allocation committee members, etc.), for a total of 800 hours, which represents 5 months of full-time work and a minimum value of $16,000. Thank you! If you want to volunteer with VBY, please contact Bruno Bourdache:

2018 Statistics
From September to November 2016, VBY wanted our members’ opinion on the VBY services and resources they used. The goal of the survey was to know how we can better serve our members. Please click here for more information.


2020 Arctic Winter Games
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