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Volunteer at Mt Lorne from Volunteer Bénévoles Yukon on Vimeo.

Maintaining volunteers
Managing volunteers is an important role non-profit agencies take on when working with volunteers. It can be challenging to attract quality volunteers, and even harder to keep them. Recruiting, training and maintaining volunteers requires effort. But, the rewards are immense. Attracting and keeping volunteers involves implementing an effective screening and matching process, effectively communicating with volunteers, and engaging all generations of people in volunteer opportunities.

Communicating with volunteers is important. Priorities and tasks can change rapidly in non-profit organizations. Informing volunteers as soon as possible about changes, rather then at the last minute can alleviate confusion or hard feelings. With today’s technology, communicating is easy to manage. Keeping volunteers up-to-date via email, text messaging, or social networking sites such as Facebook helps volunteers to stay connected and support each other. The more volunteers are informed and engaged with the event or agency, the more they will feel valued.

Engaging Generations
Offering opportunities to a variety of generations can be the key to attracting volunteers to your organisation or event.

  • Many high schools require students to volunteer, as a condition for graduation. Providing volunteer opportunities for students is a great way to fill volunteer positions, and help them achieve their graduation requirements.
  • Newly retired adults are often looking for opportunities to stay busy and volunteering can offer a great opportunity to fill their time.
  • Senior citizens who want to stay active and remain connected to their communities are often looking to volunteer.
  • Families often seek opportunities to volunteer as a way to teach their kids the importance of giving back to their community and to volunteer as a family activity.

Volunteer Bénévoles Yukon would like to share with you an interesting Prezi presentation from Volunteer Canada about "Engaging Baby Boomer volunteers."


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