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VERP Certificate

Famille bénévole yukonnaise: Sophie, Alice et Juliette from Volunteer Yukon on Vimeo.

Is your organization looking for new ways to recognize your hard-working volunteers? Does your organization engage newcomers and/or youth volunteers who want to gain work-related experience? Would you like to assist volunteers in their employment searches?

The Volunteer Experience Recognition Program or VERP is a standardized Canada-wide certification that can help students, new Yukoners, or mature workers find a job or enter college through volunteer recognition.

Issuing a VERP certificate is a way for your staff or Board to officially document a volunteer’s contributions to your organization using terminology that employers recognize. Think of it as a kind of written reference.

Example of a Short Certificate and Long certificate.

VERP can benefit non-profits by:

  • Helping to attract new volunteers
  • Assisting in identifying volunteer positions
  • Describing exactly what skills and abilities you require of each volunteer position
  • Identifying volunteer training requirements
  • Helping retain volunteers by recognizing the true value of their involvement

A VERP certificate highlights the:

  • Skills developed by a volunteer
  • Experiences gained by a volunteer
  • Tasks and activities a volunteer was responsible for
  • The description of "skills" and "experiences" on VERP is based on guidelines and terminology recognized by employers

VBY will provide your volunteer manager with a free 20-minute training session on how to use the free on-line program that enables non-profit organizations to print VERP certificates for your volunteers. 

If you are interested in providing your volunteers with a VERP certificate, please contact Bruno at (867) 456-4304 or at

VERP is a bilingual online program developed by the Centre d’action bénévole de Québec (CABQ) in partnership with Volunteer Canada.


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