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Policy Development Committee

Started in mid-November 2019,  Volunteer Bénévoles Yukon (VBY) founded a small committee to work on ten to fifteen priority policies for our organization. We have a new volunteer, Brenda Lee Doyle, who has agreed to develop a policy manual for us. Thank you Brenda-Lee!!

Most of the policies will be drafted for the specific use of VBY, but some will follow a more general format for adaption and use by other organisations - such as yours! Each of our new draft policies will be added to this website as a template for your reference.

Thank you to our volunteer Brenda Lee Doyle who is facilitating the committee. Thank you also to Linda Casson, Shonagh McCrindle, Lesley Carberry and Lea Roy Bernatchez.

General Information about the Committee
- Draft Terms of Reference
- Draft List of VBY Policy Priorities to assist in the committee's progress

General Information about Boards when creating Policies
- Comparison of Four Boards
- My Risk Management Policies: VBY can give VBY Members free access to this webiste to help create custom policies for member nonprofits. As a member with access to this resource, you can customize policies that suit the mission, culture, and circumstances of your organisation. You will be free from the guilt (and dread) associated with copying another organisation's policies, and you will be taking a giant leap forward to protect the vital mission of your nonprofit. Thank you Imagine Canada for providing this opportunity to Yukon NGOs.


  1. Generic Organization ENDS Policy (Draft)
  2. Volunteer Benevoles Yukon ENDS Policy (Draft)
  3. Board and Executive Director Relations Policy (Draft)
  4. Executive Director Obligations Policy (Draft)
  5. Media Relations Policy (Draft)

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