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Volunteer Bénévoles Yukon is dedicated to providing all members with access to a wide variety of up-to-date information and resources on a wide range of relevant topics and issues for non-profit agencies.

Among its many resources, VBY maintains a resource centre and lending library. The resource centre maintains a collection of brochures from community organisations and has a phone available for clients. The lending library is like no other in the Yukon, boasting hundreds of books, journals and newsletters on a variety of topics important to the non-profit sector, including governance, Board development, Board roles and responsibilities, fiduciary responsibilities of Board members; and Volunteer Management and Operations. With a VBY membership, items in our library can be borrowed for up to three weeks at a time.

Some of our materials are available in French.

Looking for more information? Here are some interesting and useful links that are worth taking a look at:

Associations, Groups & Community Resources

List of Yukon NGOs- For your interest, Social Economy Research of Northern Canada has created a website with all Yukon non-profit organisation names and contacts.

Mediation Yukon Society- A local organisation that is interested in alternative methods for dispute resolution. We promote the acceptance and use of mediation as a way to resolve conflict. We encourage skill development and training, and we offer peer support and constructive approaches to all kinds of conflict within our community. If you are looking for a mediator, check out our roster. Our listings include mediators, their training, experience, areas of specialization, availability, and contact information.

Blue Avocado- Blue Avocado is a free nonprofit online magazine for community nonprofits. It is community-based and aspires to provide high-quality journalism and analysis in a way that is completely practical and completely usable. Practical, provocative and fun food-for-thought for nonprofits.

Canadian Administrators of Volunteer ResourcesCAVR strives to promote competence and excellence in the professional administration of volunteer resources and to acknowledge the accomplishments of its members.

Canadian Journal of Volunteer Resources ManagementA nonprofit publication highlighting the management of volunteer services in Canada.

Charity VillageCanada's supersite for the nonprofit sector -- 3,500 pages of news, training, jobs, information and resources for executives, staffers, donors, and volunteers. If philanthropy and volunteerism are part of your world, this is your place

HR Council for the Non-Profit and Voluntary SectorThis national organisation provides a wealth of practical HR tools and information for the non-profit sector: 

Imagine CanadaA national charity that looks into and out for Canada’s charities and nonprofits by delivering research, raising its profile in the minds of Canadians, shaping public policy, building support and encouraging collaboration and engagement from businesses, government and individuals. They deliver tools, resources and networking opportunities directly to nonprofits and charities to build and strengthen the sector.

Our Shared ResourcesA free service where those who work in the field of volunteer management will be able to add useful resources and others in the field will be able to access them.

Volunteer CanadaVolunteer Canada is THE national resource for anyone working with volunteers! Find out the facts and trends, read the latest research, learn about national events, search the directory of organisations, find answers to your questions and more.

Board Development & GovernanceAll about Boards of Directors (For-Profit and Nonprofit) from the Free Management Library. Extensive articles and information about developing, operating and restoring your non-profit board.

Board CaféThe newsletter for Nonprofit Board. Short enough to read over a cup of coffee, Board Café offers a menu of ideas, information, opinion, news, and resources to help board members give and get the most out of board service.

Board and Leadership DownloadsUseful documents from the Nonprofit Center: Promoting the Association Management Profession.

Charity LawCharityLaw provides information on legal issues of interest to charities and not-for-profit organisations both in Canada and internationally in the form of articles, seminar materials and newsletters.   

Directors’ LiabilityA Discussion Paper on Legal Liability, Risk Management and the Role of Directors in Non-Profit Organisations, prepared by Volunteer Canada.

Institute on GovernanceAn independent Canadian non-profit founded to promote better governance for public benefit. Through research and services IOG, helps public organisations and societies realize their objectives by putting good governance into practice.    

Mind Your By-LawsAn article that focuses on the by-laws of an organisation.

Social Media Policies – An Online DatabaseThe most complete listing of social media policies. Referenced by the world's largest brands and agencies.

The Non-Profit Centre - Downloads of interest to BoardsUseful documents from the Nonprofit Center: Promoting the Association Management Profession

Training & Development

Alliance for Non-Profit Management- Alliance for Non-Profit Management is a learning community that promotes quality in nonprofit capacity building. It contains an extensive resource section, a hub of information, recent studies, and articles as well as a compilation of member created materials. It also provides a wealth of information on a variety of topics, contrasting opinions, and the latest insights into the non-profit capacity building field. The Resource Library is a chance to exchange ideas and connect over recent events with Alliance members.

Charity VillageCanada's supersite for the nonprofit sector -- 3,500 pages of news, training, jobs, information and resources for executives, staffers, donors, and volunteers. If philanthropy and volunteerism are part of your world, this is your place.

Idealware's Social Media Resource Library- A tool that will help your nonprofit organisation learn about and make great use of social media to support your work!

Points of Light Foundation- Provides a modest article compilation for volunteers and managers in the non-profit sector, as well as online training.

The Charities File- Training and Resources to Complete the T3010A, a joint project of the Canadian Federation of Voluntary Sector Networks and the Centre for Voluntary Sector Research and Development, funded by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to build the capacity of charitable organisations across Canada.   

The Maytree Foundation- This foundation has historically supported many tools, strategies and initiatives to strengthen the non-profit sector, volunteerism and community capacity.

Volunteer Management & Recruitment

101 Volunteer Recruitment Secrets- Ideas and suggestions for volunteer recruitment as provided by members of the Volunteer Match community.

Bridging the Gap- Results from a research study about the changing culture of Canada’s voluntary sector and the perspective of four key groups: youth, baby boomers, families and employer-supported volunteers.

Building Blocks for Boomer Volunteer Engagement- Tools and resources for organisations wanting to implement a volunteering initiative targeting baby boomers.

Building Blocks for Family Volunteering- Tools and resources for organisations wanting to implement a family volunteering initiative.

Building the Bridge to Family Volunteers- A summary of a pan-Canadian research study about the changing culture of Canada’s volunteers.

Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement- A roadmap for voluntary organisations that proposes strategies to effectively involve volunteers strategically into the organisation and helps leaders in the organisation understand the value and role of volunteers.

Canadian Journal of Volunteer Resources Management- The Canadian Journal of Volunteer Resources Management (CJVRM) is a nonprofit publication highlighting the management of volunteer services in Canada. For more than 18 years, CJVRM has connected managers of volunteer resources throughout the country by providing a forum for sharing stories of successes and challenges in the field. We are managed by a team of volunteers, based in Ottawa, with Regional Representatives and contributors from coast to coast.

Developing Excellence in Workplace Volunteer Programs- An excerpt from the 2004 publication, it provides a good understanding of the business case for having a workplace volunteer program.

Energize, Inc.- A Volunteer Management Resource Library. Organised by subject with each subject page providing Online Bookstore links, free articles or excerpts, free electronic books or guides, and an annotated list of Websites with more material on the subject.

Free Management LibraryA complete integrated online library providing easy-to-access, clutter-free, comprehensive resources regarding the leadership and management of yourself, other individuals, groups and organisations--containing a section dedicated to Developing and Managing Volunteer Programs. 

Service Leader- Provides information on all aspects of volunteerism. Volunteer managers and service leaders will find information on best practices and volunteer management.

Stronger Together- A handbook for organisations recruiting and working with ethnocultural volunteers.

Volunteering & Healthy Aging ProjectFeatures useful information for volunteer-involving organisations to help more effectively engage baby boomers as volunteers, including the introductory workbook Baby Boomers - Your New Volunteers. Helps prospective boomer volunteers understand how to get started and what to expect when they do.

Volunteer Interview Questions- Samples of volunteer interview questions provided by Sarnia Gives and the VCASL Professional Development Tool.

Volunteer Value- Eight tools for assigning economic value to volunteer activities.

World Volunteer Web- International Volunteer News, Resources and Initiatives, to get the global perspective of volunteerism.

Industry Information

Canada Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating- Key statistics on charitable giving and volunteering.  Conducted in 2010 by Statistics Canada, the CSGVP includes new information about how Canadians support one another and their communities.

Additional Websites of Interest

Community Tool Box- The Community Tool Box is a source of resource for free information on essential skills for building healthy communities. It offers more than 7,000 pages of practical guidance in creating change and improvement.   

Developing Human Resources in the Voluntary Sector - Developing Human Resources in the Voluntary Sector (HRVS) aims to strengthen the ability of voluntary sector organisations to attract, support and keep committed, skilled paid staff 

Pillar Nonprofit Network- Supports nonprofit organisations in fulfilling their missions in our community.  We provide leadership, advocacy, and support to the non-profit sector through the promotion of volunteerism, professional development and networking opportunities, and information sharing.

Social EnterpriseDetailed information about social enterprising.

Nonprofit Career Resource Guide (JobHero)- From getting started to finding ongoing sources of funding, building a successful nonprofit organisation takes a lot of work (Website from the USA)

38 Great to Know Nonprofit Career Resources: Maybe you’re in college and are trying to decide what to do with your future, or maybe you’re tired of your current job and have decided that you want to explore a new career path. The road you choose is a career where you can make a difference and make lives brighter and better for others: a career in nonprofit work. Through our resource guide, we’ll give you all you need to get started in the nonprofit world.


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