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VBY shares documents, training podcasts & videos, and resources that have been produced for VBY by professional trainers, consultants or national organisations for the benefit of all Yukon non-profit agencies.  

Table of Contents (all our podcasts are on CJUC 92.5 FM - Whitehorse Community Radio and air during the Volunteer Yukon show, every Wednesday at noon)



  • Assessment Tools for Nonprofits: The HR Council has developed a series of checklists to help small nonprofits evaluate their organisation’s performance and identify individuals with responsibility for key indicators in seven functional areas.
  • Smart Partnership Checklist:  An Assessment Tools for Small Nonprofits.
  • Board Assessment Tool: This 3-page checklist helps boards evaluate how their performance on a broad range of board operations, roles, and responsibilities.
  • NGO Assessment Tool ("Is Your House in Order?"): This 4-page checklist, similar to the Board Assessment Tool, covers the functions of the whole organisation.




  • Privacy Principles - A Guide for Organisations: The following policy template was developed by Privacy Consultant Hank Moorlag. The template incorporates 10 universal privacy protection principles that will afford organisations a high standard of privacy protection for personal information. 
  • Privacy Self-Audit Outline: The purpose of this self-audit is twofold: to better understand why the organisation collects personal information, and how personal privacy is protected by the organisation’s collection, use, disclosure, retention and destruction practices. By Volunteer Trainer Hank Moorlag.
  • The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada has prepared this guide to help organisations fulfil their responsibilities under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA): PIPEDA Guidelines, Part 1PIPEDA Guidelines, Part 2. By Volunteer Trainer Hank Moorlag.
  • Privacy & Protection Rules for Non-Profit Organisations (podcast) by Volunteer Trainer Hank Moorlag



  • Partnership Building in Yukon: The intent of this document is to serve as a relevant, practical partnership reference tool. This tool will help organisations review their partnering practices to be better partners. This document is the collective effort of the Yukon Literacy Coalition (YLC) with its partners including delegates of the recent Partnership Forums, volunteer writers, researchers and the Volunteer Yukon (VY).
  • Sponsorship: Volunteer Yukon Sponsorship Kit (for example): One way for Volunteer Yukon to become more sustainable and less dependent with governments funding is to look for sponsors.
  • SMART Partnerships by Volunteer Trainer Patti Balsillie
  • Sponsorship for NGOs by Volunteer Trainer Darielle Talarico from Tipping Point Strategies
  • Building Advocacy Coalitions (video) by Volunteer Trainer Cody Sharpe



  • Aging Well Expo Panel by Volunteer Bénévoles Yukon in partnership with Yukon Council on Aging
  • PREB Certificate example 1: VBY can help you to recognise your volunteers. For more information, please click here
  • PREB Certificate example 2
  • Arctic Inspiration Prize (Video): Up to  $3 million dollars is awarded across 3 prizes to distinguished teams. The awards are to be put towards the proposed plan; they are not personal cash prizes. In partnership with VBY, Arctic Inspiration Prize delivered a presentation in Whitehorse on June 14, 2018, at the Francophone Centre.


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