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Additional Funding Sources

There is an abundance of government and private financial support available to non-profit organisations. Some are of a general nature and others are quite project specific.

Yukon Government: Arts and Culture

Yukon First Nation Training and Capacity Building Funding Quick Reference Guide from the Training Policy Committee for the Yukon First Nations Funding Forum on February 14, 2017.

The Community Development Fund (CDF) –  Provides funding for projects, events and initiatives that provide long-term, sustainable economic and social benefits to Yukon communities. There are three funding tiers with seven application deadlines each year. Eligible projects and events must

  • Create economic benefits such as generating local spending, creating employment opportunities, or building required infrastructure;
  • Bring new money into Yukon from outside sources;
  • Develop skills, knowledge and experience;
  • Create social benefits such as strengthening social and community networks, building partnerships, facilitating community involvement;
  • Support the community’s long-term wellbeing; and
  • Have measurable social, cultural and economic benefits for Yukon residents and communities.

There are three funding tiers, each with its own application deadline. 

Lotteries Yukon – carries out the administrative functions for the Yukon Lottery Commission. The Commission’s legislated mandate is to allocate profits from the sale of lottery tickets to community-based art, sport and recreation activities in Yukon. This financial assistance is provided by Lotteries Yukon through three programs: the Recreational Projects Program, the Travel Assistance Program and the Community Lottery Program. 

City of Whitehorse Recreation GrantsThe City offers financial assistance to encourage volunteer community groups and organisations to further improve and develop recreation opportunities for Whitehorse citizens.

  • Category 1 – Recreation Grants 
  • Category 2 – Recreation Facilities / Parks 
  • Category 3 – Arts / Cultural Facilities 

There are three funding categories, each with its own application deadline.

City of Whitehorse Environmental Grant

Yukon Law Foundation- The Yukon Law Foundation holds two general grant meetings a year. Generally, one is held in April and one in September. The Foundation funds several law-related activities such as legal education, legal research, legal aid, law reform and maintenance of the law library. All interest earned on money from clients placed in lawyers’ trust accounts is paid by the banks to the Law Foundation. As a result, the amount of money that is available to the Foundation to pursue its objectives will vary from year to year.

Crime Prevention and Victim Services Trust: The Crime Prevention and Victim Services Trust funds community projects that support victims or prevent crime.

There are funding available for youth to improve their community.

Some useful Canadian funding source links are:

Social Finance Fund: and 

TechSoup Canada helps non-profits achieve a greater impact by connecting them with donated and greatly discounted software and other technical assistance. 

Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) is a not-for-profit foundation that finances and supports the development and advancement of clean technologies that provide solutions to issues of climate change – water, air, and soil quality – and deliver economic, environmental and health benefits to Canadians. 

Ashoka Canada is a global organisation that accelerates social change by identifying and investing in leading social entrepreneurs. Building on 20 years of successful operation around the world, Ashoka is now beginning to invest in leading Canadian social entrepreneurs. For more information visit:

The Arctic Inspiration Prize recognises and promotes the extraordinary contribution made by teams in the gathering of Arctic knowledge and their plans to implement this knowledge to real-world applications for the benefit of the Canadian Arctic, Arctic Peoples and therefore Canada as a whole.

Federal Funding

Funding Sources available to Yukon non-profit agencies Grants and Bursaries (2015-2016 version- Some links will not work but the fund might exist today)


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