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Is a NGO Hub Part of the Solution?

In October 18, 2018, VBY organised a meeting to discuss a new hub for Yukon non-profit organisations.  In the Yukon, there are approximately 720 non-profit organisations (source: Corporate Affairs). Still, there is no specific organisation representing the interests of, advocating for, and supporting the third sector, at least not officially. VBY strongly believes that Yukon NGOs will increase their effectiveness and have a greater impact on the community by building capacity in the areas of training, communication, resource access as well as in volunteer and staff recruitment. The creation of the HUB is one way to achieve this by having all these services offered within one organisation. Moreover, VBY trusts that by creating a HUB, such an organisation could also be positioned to represent the interests of the third sector.

The meeting's objective was to explore if there is an interest in having VBY create a HUB that would represent, support and advocate for Yukon NGOs. Volunteer Bénévoles Yukon (VBY) is a volunteer centre, a training centre, a communication networking centre, a resource centre and an employment centre. Please click here for October 18 minutes

Since October 18, there is now a Steering Committee working on this project (Updated June 3, 2019)

  • Sue Edelman, Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition
  • Tracy Erman- Independant
  • Angela Krueger, Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Stephanie Padfielfd, Canadian Mental Health Association of Yukon
  • Bruno Bourdache, Volunteer Bénévoles Yukon
  • We are looking for more steering committee members. If you are interested, please contact Bruno

Since April 2019, the steering committee has conducted a survey to know what NGO hub our members would like to have. We all want more time for the important work we love doing. This survey is to look at NGOs’ priorities, and possibilities for a NGO HUB. We are open to all of your ideas.What do we mean by NGO HUB?  A resource HUB, a centre of activity, a physical and / or virtual space that would house admin, financial, marketing, HR and other mutually needed resources for Yukon non-profits to professionally operate. As of March 31st, 2019, 92 NGOs answered the survey. Please click here to see the summary. The survey is still open:  So far 115 NGOs (updated on July 9, 2019) have filled out the surveyl However, we are still looking for more input from NGOs and volunteers in the communities.  

Please click here to learn what the steering committee has accomplished since October 18, 2019

For more information, do not hesitate to contact Bruno.



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