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The NGO HUB - Part of the Solution!

  NGO HUB as an idea

In October 18, 2018, VBY organised a gathering to discuss a new hub for Yukon non-profit organisations. In the Yukon, there are approximately 720 non-profit organisations (source: Corporate Affairs). Still, there is a need for a specific organisation representing the interests of, advocating for, and supporting the third sector. Since then, VBYs strong belief that Yukon NGOs will increase their effectiveness and have a greater impact on the community by building capacity in the areas of training, communication, resource access as well as in volunteer and staff recruitment has been echoed. The creation of the HUB is one way to achieve this by enabling NGO to access all these services offered in one place.

The inital meeting's objective was to explore interest in creating a HUB to represent, support and advocate for Yukon NGOs. Please click here for October 18 minutes

The Team behind the NGO HUB Steering Committee: Since then, a Steering Committee is working on further developing the project.

  • Bruno Bourdache, Volunteer Bénévoles Yukon
  • Sue Edelman, Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition
  • Tracy Erman, Independant
  • Dr. Dick Smith, currently works in a volunteer capacity to coordinate and provide dental care for low-income families on behalf of the Yukon Dental Association.
  • Angela Krueger, Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Véronique Maggiore, Independant
  • Stephanie Padfielfd, Canadian Mental Health Association of Yukon
  • Natalie Taylor, Fetal Alcohol Syndrom Society of Yukon

We are looking for more steering committee members, representing oragnizations and indivuduals alike. If you have communication, consultation, are a team player and innovative thinker we would love to work with you. If you'd like to participate in bringing this project to reality, please contact Bruno.

NGO Hub feasibility Study

From September to November 2019, the steering committee hired YZED Projects to conduct a feasibility study, funded by Government of Yukon, Community Development Fund. To see the study, please click here.

Some highlights:

  • A feasibility study was just completed. So, is this idea feasible? Yes, the study highlighted a wealth of opportunities.
  • Financially viable models are possible.
  • There are needs within the sector that create opportunities to come together.
  • Stakeholder engagement is high (over 180 organisations have provided feedback and ideas (25% of all nonprofit organisations in the Yukon)).
  • Wide range of membership options which gives organisations of all sizes opportunities to engage and take advantage of the services and resources they need.
  • The Hub would develop a highly inclusive model to create opportunities which could empower underserved visitor groups.
    • eg. a place to create multi-generational connection
    • eg. a place for visitors, new residents and seasonal workers to engage with our caring community.

The Activites of the NGO HUB Steering Committee

Business Plan: The steering committee is preparing a request for funding support. When approved, these funds will be used to hire a consultant to conduct a business plan. To see the Request for Propoal for the Yukon NGO Hub business plan, please click here

To view the full timeline of the Steering Committee's activities and learn what steps are to come, please click here.

For more information on the NGO HUB, the Steering Committee or the survey, please contact Bruno.


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