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The Yukon Community Airtime Project

The Yukon Community Airtime programme allows for NGOs and non-profits to benefit from sponsored airtime on Yukon Radio Stations.

Free air time? Really?"
NGOs and non-profits have a tight enough budget as it is. VBY, in partnership with 92.5 FM CJUC The Juice in Whitehorse, 99.9 FM CJHJ The Grizz in Haines Junction, 106.7 FM CFET in Tagish, Life FM 100.7 FM, Openbroadcaster and RP Singh, are offering free air time to NGOs and non-profits under the Community Airtime programme.

"How come I didn't know about this before?"
This programme was only recently launched and first announced during the April 12 VBY Workshop entitled NGOs Recording their Own Radio Announcements & The Advantages. Community Airtime has been piloted by select NGOs and Yukon radio stations since February of 2016.

"Nothing is ever actually free, what's the catch?"
NGOs benefitting from Community Airtime need their messaging to meet certain criteria to qualify:

  1. The NGO or non-profit organisation is responsible for supplying the audio file(s) for their announcement (either by creating it themselves or contracting it out)
  2. The audio file and script are to be in the form of a 15 second public service announcement (PSA).
  3. The message being promoted needs to be for an event (dated or ongoing) that is open to the public, and free of cost to attendees / participants (i.e. listeners). Some examples are calls for volunteers, open houses, launch parties, free workshops, info-sessions, etc. (N.B. "Pay what you can" / "Donate what you can" does not qualify for Community Airtime.)
  4. At the end of the 15 second clip, a tag needs to be included that recognises the support of the station airing the message. The tag needs to be station-specific, not generic. (So a YES would be: "With the support of 106.7 CFET FM", a NO would be "With the support of this station.")- The station tag at the end of the clip is a free station ID for the station, and provides value to the station.
  5. Audio that is ready to go on air is sent to VBY, and must include a clear indication of each audio clip's start and end date. For example "The attached clip should start airing on <date> and the last day it airs should be <date>". For ongoing, recurring events, just mention that the event is ongoing and recurring.

The audio clip can't contain anything that promotes a for-profit organisation / entity in any way. (For example, a YES would be: "Find us at the corner of Strickland and 2nd Ave", a NO would be "Find us in the Arctic Star building!")

Follow the links to audio clips from the Yukon Community Airtime pilot, and note several of the file names include information about the airdates:

"I don't know how to make my own «15-second PSA audio clip with a station tag» thingy!"
If you're interested in having VBY put on a second session of the workshop entitled NGOs Recording their Own Radio Announcements & The Advantages please get in touch with us . Alternatively, we could also send you the powerpoint from the workshop if that is all you need to get started.

"What about getting free air time on some of the other radio stations like CBC and LifeFM and CHON?"
VBY supports NGOs and non-profits and wants to empower you as much possible. VBY will continue to pursue opportunities to engage more and more Yukon radio stations to participate in the Community Airtime programme.

"This seems interesting, I have questions." Then let's get you some answers! Give VBY a call at 456-4304 or drop us an email at


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