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VERP Certificate

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The Volunteer Experience Recognition Program or VERP is a standardized Canada-wide certification that can help students, new Yukoners, or mature workers, find a job or enter college. The VERP certificate identifies which tasks and activities a volunteer has carried out and what skills and experiences he or she has acquired through volunteering.

Earning a VERP can:

  • Give students a leg up on college admission or scholarship applications.
  • Demonstrate commitment to a career path.
  • Help new or inexperienced workers attain job prospects.
  • Highlight social engagement.
  • Identify specific training completed.
  • Improve a volunteer’s chances of getting a job that suits his or her interests and abilities.
  • Confirms a student has completed a required number of volunteer hours towards completing his/her high school graduation credits.

If you are interested in participating in VERP, and in being able to provide volunteers with a VERP certificate, please contact Bruno at (867) 456-4304 or at

A VERP certificate highlights the:

  • Skills developed by the volunteer.
  • Experiences gained by the volunteer.
  • Tasks and activities the volunteer was responsible for.
  • The description of "skills" and "experiences" (in the certificate) is based on guidelines and terminology used by, meaning it speaks the same language employers use.

VERP benefits volunteers by:

  • Giving students a leg up on college admission or scholarship applications.
  • Helping new or inexperienced workers with their job prospects.
  • Providing an incentive to continue volunteering and developing their expertise.

Example of a Short Certificate and Long certificate

For more information, please contact Bruno at (867) 456-4304 or at

As volunteer you can ask your volunteer supervisor for a VERP certificate to complete your resumé.

VERP is a bilingual online program developed by the Centre d’action bénévole de Québec (CABQ) and it is a partnership with Volunteer Canada.


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