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Volunteer Opportunity

VBY will post volunteer opportunities on behalf of any organisation, however the Board reserves the right to decline any requests that are considered inconsistent with our values, mission and vision.

If your organisation has an upcoming event that will require volunteer support, VBY is here to help match volunteers to your needs. Please fill in the form below, and tell us when, where and for what activities you need volunteers and we will help you find suitable volunteers.



Is this opportunity in English (en) or in French (fr)? (Exceptions: if opportunity is open to either language, please consider submitting an opportunity in each language. If opportunity requires BOTH languages, please choose French and note the bilingual requirement in the description).


If you leave this box empty, your volunteer opportunity will also appear on the Volunteer Canada national volunteer listing. If you tick this box, your volunteer opportunity will NOT appear on the Volunteer Canada national volunteer listing.